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The main purpose

RainyGrid is a memory and CPU usage aware background program that allows the end-user to put his computer to use by High Performance Computing projects without compromising his performance. The main difference between RainyGrid and other Grid computing programs is that RainyGrid uses only the unused memory and CPU power of the user computer, maintaining the performance for the user, thus removing disadvantages in helping the HPC projects.

With a configurable safe buffer of memory and CPU power, RainyGrid will stop its processing in case the user needs the resources being used by it. And when there are resources available again will resume the past calculations.

To prevent job status inconsistencies, RainyGrid often runs consistency checks through its job database to find and fix jobs that are marked as done but have no output and jobs that are marked as running for too long and indicate machine shutdown or program interruption by the user.

The project contributors have access to the job outputs and can alter their status to be rerun if desired, they also can run a merger program to merge them into a final output of the project.



Video of RainyGrid in action

A video of RainyGrid in action can be seen at the Documentation page.


About our team

This project is developed by the Microsoft Interoperability and Innovation Center at Unicamp, Campinas, Brazil.
You can learn more about at the LMS page (in portuguese).

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